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Back Bench Student Movie Review

  • Film : Back Bench Student
  • Producer : MVK Reddy
  • Director : Madhura Sridhar Reddy
  • Star Cast : Mahat Raghavendra, Piaa Bajpai, Archana..
  • Music Director : Sunil Kashyap
  • Rating :
Life is a journey and a slow one indeed. Consider a person to be traveling in a boat. Slow yet steadily progressing. Just because he has another boat that he can use on his big boat, he shouldn't think two boats are better than one. It is not necessarily so always. Trying to move on two boats at once will only drown you. Madhura Sridhar Reddy had more than just two boats and ultimately he has drowned to the depths of the ocean trying to play with too many themes at once. What did you even want to convey, sir? Back Bench Student Movie Review

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Back Bench Student -review
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Karthik (Mahat Raghavendra) is the typical below average, back bencher in the movie whose only worry is fun and frolic. He joins an engineering college just for the sake of his parents but as expected, he fails in 16 subjects. Yet again, like we can all guess, he fakes that his situation is all fine in the college. How long can you hide a lie like that?

Inspired from true stories probably; there is another similarity with real life situations here. The bad students land the good girls as their partners. Enter Priyanka (Archana Kavi). He falls in love with her and naturally with all his casual attitude and routine dramas she slips into the love too. However, like most girls, she has a few goals in life and has been working hard to get there. Her final goal was to have an MS in US. Too routine? That's what we think too. Anyway, she has ample support from her family and then she realizes Karthik's love few moments of being torn apart, she gets her priorities right and moves to US for education.

Depressed Karthik is broken hearted and that is when another girl enters his life. Chaitra (Pia Bajpai) and Karthik fall in love. Parents at home get to know about the 16 backlogs in college. They lambaste Karthik for being so negligent and reckless, and out of self respect he quits the family and challenges to become worthwhile in the movie. Meanwhile his former gf returns to India to complicate things. What is the end to this triangle commonplace love story? Who will Karthik choose in the end? Will he prove his mettle to the family?

Analysis :

 Back Bench Student -review Failure in exams is one thing and it can never be equal to success in life. So is the story of success in exams, no one can guarantee their success in life. That is a beautiful theme. Right? I wish this was the theme Sridhar concentrated on. With the title as Back Bench Student the director should have shown more of how he realizes his mistakes and corrects them rather there is greater emphasis on the break ups in the movie, going with the tagline “Veedi Break Up Love Story”. Instead of being the story of a guy who realizes his mistakes from Break Ups and moved onto a better life, the most glaringly obvious part of the movie is formed by the break ups.

 Dull and indistinct story line with the most predictable story makes it a failure in itself. What you expect would be something on the lines of a beautiful relationship in college, mistakes and realization but all you have is a tragic break up. Another flaw in the movie is that the hero bashes a character in the movie because he cheats his girlfriend. In fact, he himself did the same after Priyanka leaves for US. He found another girl for himself. There is no clarity in his character.

Director Madhura Sridhar Reddy is the sole reason if this film fails though others contribute to it minorly. He fares poorly on our ratings with the extremely banal lovestory. Music from Sunil Kashyap is a dismal failure. Not one song is worth mentioning. Moreover, they chose to murder the all time classics, Jagada Jagada and Rajadhi, using them several times in the movie. Cinematographer is one only commendable person who has tried hard to rescue the movie from doom; although he succumbed to the failures of others.

Performance :

 Back Bench Student -review Mahat Raghavendra was acceptably good but why did a Telugu movie need a mediocre actor from a different state? He seemed to be overacting in some scenes which are expected to be mild while in the ones that needed more power in delivery he had failed. Archana is very minimalistic with her expression and that is definitely a bad thing for a role like this. Miserly with her expressions, the role could have been a lot better with more effort. Pia Bajpai's acting was fine except that she fails to connect with Karthik in the movie.
A hint of Happy Days is evident in the movie. Ali does his duties well in the movie but Brahmanandam is a mere show in the movie. He doesn't add to the value of the movie and rather drowns it further in sorrow.

Final Word: Back Bench Student Movie Review Slow, boring and routine movie. Give it a miss, unless you have nothing to do this weekend.

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