Saturday, 10 November 2012

Damarukam Review, Damarukam playing with people royally!

Damarukam Review, Damarukam playing with people royally!

Damarukam playing with people royally!

The much awaited film of Nagarjuna, Damarukam got postponed yet another time. This happens to the be the third time wherein people who booked their tickets online would get the presumably  refund. Film critics said that people would slowly lose interest in straight Telugu films if movies are postponed time and again like this. It may be noted that Damarukam movie was first scheduled for a release on October 20 initially then it got postponed to November 9. After that the movie was again postponed to November 10 and now on November, the movie is not out.

In fact, all the three times, various multiplexes gave tickets for Damarukam and three times the tickets got cancelled. The people who are disgusted with such postponements are taking heavily on the entire Damarukam crew and distributors on social networking websites. When asked some of the film critics, they told Andhra Wishesh that Telugu film industry should stop refraining themselves from interfering into such postponements. They said it's high time the film industry should intervene and solve the issue failing which the name and fame of Telugu Cinema might go for a toss at the international level.

Damarukam release:

Morning-wishesh2The much awaited Damarukam movie was finally scheduled to hit screens today after so many postpones and refunds of movie tickets. But the sources said that the morning show at the multiplexes still didn't screen Damarukam movie (09:30 am). Well, it looks like the movie got postponed yet another time. What about those purchased tickets? Guys, if you have purchased tickets through phone or online, it's advisable to get in touch with respective theatres for a refund. The next date of release is yet to be announced.

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